The Latest Plastic Surgery Trend Is All About Belly Buttons

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No matter what insecurities you have about your body, there is a plastic surgery procedure out there to fix it. Long gone are the days where people went under the knife for large breasts or a flat stomach only. Nowadays plastic surgery is all about micro fixes such as earlobe reductions and armpit tightening. No body part is exempt from improvement.

Now, even the belly button is having a moment.

Plastic surgeons are reporting a surge in requests for a procedure known as “umbilicoplasty”. This procedure involves reshaping and/or resizing the belly button area.

Many doctors associate this rising plastic surgery trend with the rise in fashions that expose the midriff such as crop tops. People also want to show off their stomachs on social media and may be self-conscious about their navel.

The most common request is to turn “outie” belly buttons into “innies”, although there are a few that requests the opposite. But plastic surgeons say they’re also getting people coming in for umbilicoplasty after removing belly button piercings (which were wildly popular back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s) or after having kids.

The procedure costs anywhere from $2,500-$5,000 depending on how much restructuring has to be done. To learn more contact one of Miami’s best plastic surgeons!

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