Legs For Days Is The New Plastic Surgery Trend

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There’s always at least one celebrity on every runway that has a slit so high their entire leg is on display. Jennifer Lopez, Bella Hadid, and Angelia Jolie all did it. It shouldn’t be a surprise then that want their legs to look as good as these stars to emulate the look.

“Thighlighting” has emerged as the latest cosmetic procedure that plastic surgeons are getting requests for. It’s more than a simple nick and tucks procedure though.


What Happens

So far there is no definitive set of procedures that happen for each patient. Different procedures are carried out tailored to the patient’s request and individual body. Most often though it includes a combination of thigh lifts, calf implants, liposuction, and contouring the inner and outer thighs.

If it sounds painful that’s because it is. Most of these procedures are painful and require surgery, not non-invasive procedures. Even so, plastic surgeons have seen a sharp increase in popularity. Lower body and thigh procedures use to account for around 15% of total procedures but now the number is rising.


Not New

The focus on thighs is nothing new. Plastic surgeons have been doing calf implants and thigh liposuctions for years now. For years now there has been a focus in beauty and fashion on slimming the legs. Just a few years ago the beauty trend of the year was all about thigh gaps. Thigh compressing clothing and other products has emerged trying to capitalize on it. But now it seems people want longer lasting results and has turned to plastic surgery.



Expect your wallet to feel some pain too. These treatments don’t come cheap. The final cost depends on which exact procedures a patient has, but it can be thousands of dollars for this package.

Still, if you want legs for days then this is for you. Contact one of Miami’s best plastic surgeons to book a consultation today.

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