Life Events Leading Plastic Surgery

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As plastic surgery continued to lose it’s stigma and gains more popularity, plastic surgeons have started to see that certain life events are leading people to their offices. From becoming a parent to graduating school, here are the milestones in life that are driving people to plastic surgery offices.



More brides are going under the knife before their big day. Most brides are looking for plastic surgery to make them look their best rather than undergo drastic changes. Liposuction, Botox, and lip fillers are what plastic surgeons get requested most from brides-to-be. Doctors recommend that patients leave more than enough time for recovery so that you don’t walk down the aisle with bruises or bleed on their gown.



More parents than ever are giving the gift of plastic surgery. Both high school and university graduates are seeking plastic surgery now. For high schoolers, it’s seen as the chance to alter insecurities before embarking on a new life. A chance of reinvention, plastic surgeons say. For university and college graduates, some parents believe plastic surgery will give their children a leg up in the competitive job market.



Mommy Makeovers became popular for a reason. After giving birth a women’s body goes through changes. Breasts might sag and stomachs might not be as tight. Plastic surgeons are offering and doing more mommy makeovers than ever before. The exact procedures that are done changes per patient but most involve some sort of tummy tuck, liposuction, and breast augmentations.


New Job

The job market is competitive these days. People are looking anywhere for a leg up and some see plastic surgery as that. Science has proven that attractiveness influences how people get treated so it’s not surprising people are looking to boost their image in order to leverage better jobs. In this situation, plastic surgeons are seeing more men turning to them than ever before.



No matter your reasoning or timing for plastic surgery, always make sure you’re going to one of Miami’s best plastic surgeons. Make sure they are board certified for the best results. Recovery is the most important part, so take the necessary time and steps to ensure you get the best results.

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