Meghan Markle’s Nose Becomes Most Popular Plastic Surgery Request

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Move over Ivanka! Someone has finally toppled Ivanka Trump as the most requested nose for plastic surgery procedures. Actress Meghan Markle’s nose has jumped in popularity. It might have something to do with the fact that she’s engaged to Prince Harry and is set to become a princess!


Ivanka has had the most requested nose for a while, ever since her father, Donald Trump, started his Presidential campaign. While it makes sense that people would want a princess’s nose, apparently the popularity happened before the engagement announcement.


Plastic surgeons say patients started requesting Meghan Markle’s nose almost six months ago. Her nose is ideal, doctor’s say, due to the straight nasal profile and defined tip.


And it doesn’t stop with the nose! Plastic surgeons say her killed cheekbones and defined jawline are also at the top of patient’s wish list. Doctors say she’s one of the top requested celebrities that people hope to come out looking like.


No doubt her popularity, both in and out of the plastic surgery industry, will continue to climb as the wedding date approaches. You may not be able to be a real princess, but you sure can look like one!

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