The New Nose Job

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Rhinoplasty has been a staple in the plastic surgery for years. It’s consistently one of the most performed plastic surgeries every year. But as beauty standards are changing, so are nose jobs. In the new age of body positivity, the perfect Barbie nose is becoming obsolete.

Historical Rhinoplasty

In the past, rhinoplasty was the archetype procedure intended to correct so-called “imperfections”. Noses were altered to fit a one-size-fits-all model. The ideal nose was extremely Eurocentric standards of beauty where narrower noses were sought after. As the beauty standards change though, so does the plastic surgery industry.


New Rhinoplasty

The new nose job is about embracing what makes an individual stand out, not about fitting in. It’s no longer about having the perfectly narrow and contoured nose. Patients are now requesting that plastic surgeons maintain their individuality and unique look. Instead of wanting perfectly straight and symmetrical noses, patients want slight improvements but don’t want anything “too perfect”.


Changing Trends

The new nose job trend is about moving towards individuality. People no longer want the cookie cutter look. Instead, they want to embrace their individuality, embrace their heritage. People of color are now proud of their non-Eurocentric noses and don’t want that changed. This rhinoplasty trend is reflected in other procedures too. Patients are turning away from seeking perfection and instead just want minor alterations.



Beauty standards are constantly shifting. One day being the same is in and the other day being an individual is in. The plastic surgery industry has to constantly keep on top of these trends to properly give patients what they desire. So far doctors are all here for the new trend. It gives them an opportunity to be creative rather than replicating the same look over and over again. If you’re interested in a nose job or another plastic surgery procedure feel free to contact one of Miami’s best plastic surgeons.



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