The Latest Plastic Surgery Trend Is A Reversal Of A Past Trend



For years, the top plastic surgery procedure was breast augmentations. Breast implants were huge, in both popularity and in size! In the past they were expensive, and there was a stigma attached to them. Over time though this went away and the popularity of breast implants exploded.


What’s Changed?

Nothing today has changed besides mindsets. Interestingly, even though plastic surgery has become more common and accepted in society, the latest trend is in plastic surgery is actually a reversal. Women now are starting to go under the knife, but this time to remove implants, not get them put in.

Implants need to be replaced every 10-15 years, especially the older models. Now, instead of upgrading women are just having them removed all together. The question remains, why?


Removal Reasons

Plastic surgeons say patients have a variety of reasons for wanting their implants removed. The most cited reasons are shifting body image trends, health concerns, and wanting more natural alternatives.

Just like fashion and technology, the ideal body image goes through phases and trends. A decade ago the “ideal” female body included large breasts. Today, the emphasis on clean, natural, healthy living has shifted the “ideal” body type towards a more athletic, curvy, physique with smaller, or more naturally sized, breasts.



Some women have good reasons for wanting their implants removed. The older models were prone to leaks, ripples, or movement. Technology and improved plastic surgery techniques have removed many of these issues, but the concerns and negative association are still there.



Another reasons women aren’t opting for breast implants as often, is there are now alternatives out there. Plastic surgeons have seen an increase in less invasive procedures like fat grafting, where breasts are slightly enhanced for a more natural appearance.


Industry Trends

While many women are getting their implants removed, breast augmentations are still one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures performed around the world. And even if this one area were to slow, plastic surgery is still on the rise. More women are turning to plastic surgery procedures to give them larger butts, thicker lips, and smaller waists. Although non-invasive procedures have seen the most growth, there is little concern that a slow down in breast augmentations will truly impact the industry.

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